Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beer Delivery Service in Singapore – 1 Hour to reach your Doorstep

Most men have been accustomed to buying their beer at local stores however, there are times when going out is not convenient. Maybe you are too tired to go out or there is a basketball game on TV that you do not want to miss. Your best option is beer delivery service in Singapore. It is as easy as choosing from a wide variety of beer brands before making a call. Your order will be promptly delivered right at your doorstep.
Beer delivery Singapore – your option for an event
Beer delivery in Singapore is available for wedding receptions and corporate events. Orders are also accepted for beach parties, barbeques and stag parties. Bulk orders usually require advance notice so that your needs and requirements can be discussed. 
It is important to have an approximation on the amount of beer for the event because your discount will be based on the total volume of your orders. Aside from beer, many online beer and wine stores have a large selection of different products to choose from. In order to attract serious orders, many online beer stores guarantee delivery within one hour. Some also offer free delivery for orders that are more than $50. Another advantage of beer delivery Singapore is the fact that they take orders 24/7 which means you have the best part of the day to buy your beer.
Advantages of beer delivery service in Singapore
Online beer stores usually have a wide variety of sources and they often do business with brewers. Because of the independent status of most online beer stores you enjoy a wide range of choices from Heineken beer or Carlsberg beer to any type of local beer that suits your taste. Do you know that there are literally hundreds of different beer labels in different flavors and styles for every palette? Online stores usually have state-of-the-art warehouses and temperature controlled vehicles to ensure that your beer will be perfectly chilled when delivered.
Beer delivery Singapore does not deliver to those who are under the legal drinking age in order to comply with the laws of the government. Beer delivery service in Singapore ensures that their products are traceable in case there is a problem. For example, if the product that was delivered is too close to the expiration date, it can be replaced immediately. They make sure that customers receive high quality and fresh products. There are policies regarding returns which you must be knowledgeable of before making an order. It is also important to understand that online beer stores require payment through your credit card but sometimes you are allowed to pay cash to the delivery person. In order to qualify for free delivery, remember to ask for the minimum amount of order allowed.
It also makes sense to be aware of the laws on the consumption of alcohol in Singapore. You are not allowed to consume alcohol is public places from 10:30 PM to 7:00 AM; however, the public is allowed to drink at home during the restricted hours.

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