Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beer Delivery Singapore – Hassle-Free Option of buying Beer

Technology has provided an easy way to buy beer online. Online stores make life simple and convenient because of the wide range of selection and simplified payment options. In addition, these online beer stores provide prompt beer delivery Singapore. It saves you from travelling all the way to the beer, wine and liquor shops. If you are throwing a party or you simply want to have a few drinks with your buddies, you can simply make a call and beer delivery will be right at your doorstep.
Why many individuals prefer to buy beer online
Buying beer online is similar to having online grocery delivery. The best thing about online shopping is its convenience because you do not have to move from the comfort of your sofa. You can continue on watching your favorite football game while waiting for your beer to be delivered. When you buy online, there is usually a catalogue where you can make a choice for Carlsberg, Heineken or another brand of beer that suits your taste. 
You do not have to rely on a salesman to assist in the choice because you are free to browse through a large selection of wines, beers and liquors. In some instances these online beer stores provide discounts when you order in bulk. Either you get free delivery services or you buy your beer at a lower price. However, make sure you are available to receive the order because you may incur extra charges for unattended deliveries.
Important things to keep in mind when you buy beer online
Buying beer online can be a good experience if you make efforts to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the alcohol shop. Many online beer and wine stores are trying to attract serious buyers and it is important to read reviews and customer testimonials. It also makes sense to know more about their return policies and whether their conditions apply to your situation. You also need to check whether your place is within their lines of delivery otherwise you may be charged extra. Some online stores require a minimum purchase and make sure that you would not be charged an exorbitant amount for delivery. Check whether bulk deliveries are entitle you to discounts. Make sure that the online store provides a way to track delivery so that you will know when your beer will arrive at your doorstep. Make sure about the authenticity of the beer you are ordering because there are many unscrupulous companies that will not think twice of delivering counterfeit beer.
There are simple ways to determine counterfeit products. There are usually discrepancies and wrongly spelled words because the counterfeit products usually come from non-English speaking areas. Always check for any inconsistencies in labels. Sometimes, it very difficult to tell the difference because counterfeiters usually mix a famous beer with a cheaper brand. For example, Heineken was once a victim of counterfeiting a small volume of its beer. Since Heineken wants to preserve the quality and integrity of its brand, its vigilant market control system identified the culprits.

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